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At my first coaching session as newly-employed repetiteur at Melbourne’s Victoria State Opera in 1978, I was completely overawed at the thought of having to coach the distinguished tenor Ronald Dowd in the role of Idomeneo. Ron noticed my trepidation and simply said: “I know how good I am. It’s your job to make me even better”.

That basically sums up my coaching philosophy. Whether you need to learn a complete role or want to polish your audition or concert arias, there will always be something that can be improved, whether it be intonation, diction, rhythmical security, posture, emotional relationship to the text etc. etc.. 

My specialty is German repertoire, particularly Wagner and Richard Strauss, but I’m at home stylistically from Monteverdi through to John Adams. In my coaching studio you also have the possibility to work with digital organ or harpsichord at whatever pitch you like.

Some of the singers who have engaged me for multiple private coaching sessions:

Lawrence Bakst, Janice Baird, Megan Barrera, Kirsten Blanck, Michelle Breedt, Wolfgang Brendel, Catherine Cangiano, Lenus Carlson, Angela Denoke, Melanie Diener, Coline Dutilleul, Andion Fernandez, Dietrich Henschel, Hanne Fischer, Suzanne Fischer, George Fortune, Warwick Fyfe, Robert Gambill, Sara Gouzy, Nance Grant, Ulrike Helzel, Maria Husmann, Guido Jentjens, Natalia Kreslina, Susanne Kreusch, Jochen Kupfer, Vanessa Lanch, Eilana Lapallainen, Juanita Lascarro, Karin Lovelius, Paul McLeod, Elaine McKrill, Elliot Madore, Elizabeth Winn, Noel Mangin, Yvonne Manfreda, Hermine May, Marina Mescheriakova, Thomas Johannes Meyer, Catriona Morison, Susan Neves, Ruth-Maria Nicolay, Lucy Peacock, John Pickering, David Pittman-Jennings, Marina Prudenskaya, Roberto Saccà, Andreas Schager, Samuel Schürmann, Werner Schürmann, Kirstin Sharpin, Elisabet Strid, Siobhan Stagg, Lubov Stuchevskaya, Ulrich Studer, Aušrinė Stundytė, Tara Venditti, Viktoria Vizin, John Wegner, John Bolton Wood

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